The Team

Dr Matthew Bacon RIBA FRSA

Matthew Bacon RIBA FRSA

Chief Executive

Matthew is the inspiration behind The Conclude Consultancy. He leads the Integrated Decision Support team that works with Conclude’s customers to bridge the divide between operational processes and the engineering design requirements.

Professor Godfried Augenbroe

Occupancy Analytics lead

Godfried heads up the Occupancy Analytics team based at Georgia Tech University in the United States.  It is in this work where we study how facilities are used and the processes that drives the consumption of resources in them.

Godfried  has a 30+ year track record of research into the modeling and simulation of technical building systems and assessment of their performance. He is internationally recognized in promoting professional use of building simulation, e.g. through the co-founding of the Dutch national building physics society and international building simulation association (IBPSA) in which he has also served as board member.

Mr Yifu Shi BA Eng, MSc Arch

Yifu leads the simulation work and manages and data crunching for processing into the Occupancy Analytics Model.  As a team comprising, Matthew, Godfried and Yifu we are able to cross the divide between clinical processes and their associated datasets and those of the engineering design process and those datasets used in a Building Information Model.

Ms Hannah Rønhovde MSc

Hannah works alongside Matthew in the analysis of patient pathways, and the development of operational logic for our simulations. Her MSc equips her very well for this role, where she specialised in the analysis of Emergence Departments using System Dynamics methods.

Mrs Susan Rose

Should you contact our Head Office in the UK directly, then it will probably be Susan with whom you will speak to and who manages the company administration.