The Team

Matthew Bacon RIBA FRSA  Dr Matthew Bacon RIBA FRSA

Chief Executive

Matthew is the inspiration behind The Conclude Consultancy and TCC-CASEMIX. It is his vision that is driving the innovations within both. Innovations founded in a deep understanding of the health system and the power of technology and structured data to enhance patient lives.

The Conclude Consultancy

Mr Yifu Shi BA Eng, MSc Arch

Yifu leads the simulation work and manages and data crunching for processing into the Occupancy Analytics Model.  As a team comprising, Matthew, Godfried and Yifu we are able to cross the divide between clinical processes and their associated datasets and those of the engineering design process and those datasets used in a Building Information Model.

Mr Jack Morewood MSc

Jack works alongside Yifu in the operation of the simulations that deliver Occupancy Analytics.

Ms Hannah Rønhovde MSc

Hannah has now ceased working for us, as she now embarks on her own journey in research by undertaking a PhD.  We wish her every success in her quest!


  Mr Mark McIntrye [Non-Executive Director]

Mark, brings a wealth of European experience to TCC-CASEMIX.  Previously he was Senior Director for EMEA, in Regulatory Affairs with Boston Scientific.  Mark supports Matthew in the promoting of TCC-CASEMIX in the Medical Devices sector of Digital Healthcare.

  Mr Jack Morewood MSc

Jack is our Mathematical Modeller in TCC-CASEMIX, and leads the algorithm development, and data analytics work over all of the data acquired in real-time in operating theatres.   Jack also manages the Data Quality Measures applied to all data synchronisations with our TCC-CASEMIX servers.

  Dr Attila Erdos MD MBA [INSEAD]

Attila represents TCC-CASEMIX in Hungary and manages the interface between University Hospital Szeged, and our business. As Director of Data Services, Attila also works closely with the operating theatre team to ensure consistent data quality.  In this work he is supported by Jack.

In his wider role Attila is promoting TCC-CASEMIX nationally in Hungary, to demonstrate the significant benefits that the new datasets bring to optimisation of surgical services delivery, through enhanced productivity.

 Dr Harriet Leyland MBChB, FRCA, MSc Global Health Policy, FFMLM, MFCI 

Harriet supports the businesses with deep clinical insights into the health system policy and practice. Her work is at the interface between digital health technologies and practice.

Harriet has been part of the team to develop our Open Registry Infrastructure, where we provide post-market surveillance of medical devices used in surgery.