Research & Development

In The Conclude Consultancy we are firm advocates of research as the euphemistic ‘factory’ for the generation of new ideas. A core part of the team’s work is founded in the research discipline. Indeed the central ideas behind The Conclude Consultancy were born out of research undertaken by Dr. Bacon.

Originally conceived to optimise the planning and design of acute care facilities our services have now expanded to include regional demand analysis. Our research and development work now focuses on using geo-located data and the discipline of System Dynamics where the need is to understand the probability of patient influx to different parts of the healthcare infrastructure (what we refer to as the ¬†‘chain of care’). This analysis is valuable because it established a scientific rigour to establish the causal factors of patient demand in any part of the system – such factors being local or national government policy (for example, patient choice), location of tertiary specialisms (such as acute surgery), and the different demographic demands across a region (or country) for different morbidities.

The ‘right-sizing’ of health facilities infrastructure is a complex task. Equally important is to understand where the most effective locations should be for that infrastructure so that it is as accessible as possible to the largest patient cohort. ¬†Knowing how many patients could ‘come through the front door of the facility’ is critical to get right because it impacts so many subsequent decisions. Developing methods and simulation analysis for the planning a regional infrastructure and ‘right-sizing’ each part of it, is the primary challenge for our research in 2017.