Sustainable hospital ventilation system design

Posted on: November 16th, 2011 by matthew_bacon

Here at Conclude our research led, evidence based approach to low carbon design for hospitals enables us to explore innovative solutions to the low carbon challenge.  Those of our readers who have been following our work on OCCUPANCY ANALYTICS ™ will already understand the significant impact that this work is having on engineering design of ventilation systems.  We have been reflecting on how traditional approaches to ventilation design can be counter-productive to achieving low carbon outcomes. Our article in Building Better Healthcare ( sets out an alternative proposition. You can also find a copy of the article here:

We have also produced a PowerPoint presentation to accompany the article.  The presentation was delivered by Professor Bacon to the Leeds University, School of Healthcare three day course held on the 6-8th November 2011: Specialised Ventilation in Healthcare Premises.

If any reader would like a copy please do contact us.