Sustainable European Healthcare Infrastructure

Posted on: September 17th, 2011 by matthew_bacon

Professor Bacon has been invited to address the European Health Property Network workshop to be held in Bologna in October.  The 2011 workshop will present exemplar projects and case studies in these areas, but also examine the evidence for and against the effectiveness of current policy initiatives.

The context for the workshop is the EU Commission’s 2020 strategy, which speaks of:

… an urgent need for Europe’s economies to achieve ‘smart, sustainable, inclusive growth’, and in particular emphasises a need to shift towards a more resource efficient and low-carbon economy.  As a major consumer of resources and hydrocarbons, the healthcare built environment has a particular responsibility in this area…

Professor Bacon will be explaining his pioneering work in Occupancy Analytics, which promises to fundamentally change the way in which hospitals are designed in the future. Key impacts on hospital design are:

  • Space planning and space utilisation forecasting
  • Spatial capacity forecasting including crowding potential
  • Vertical circulation planning
  • HVAC and Controls design optimisation

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