Regional analysis of healthcare demand

Posted on: April 24th, 2017 by matthew_bacon

The Conclude Consultancy has just been appointed to carry out a strategic analysis in Northern Gothenburg for five regional surgery centres.  The planning of a new service in Uddevalla also forms a key part of the work. This appointment is endemic of a larger need for healthcare infrastructure owners, which is to establish much more realistic forecasts of patient demand than has hitherto been possible. With the advent of geo-located data, and powerful mapping systems, these enable Conclude to analyse the causal factors of demand and to investigate the impact of them on the location and sizing of new infrastructure. The influx data that is generated from this analysis becomes the critical data that Conclude utilises in their Occupancy Analytics (TM) methodology for the planning and analysis of specific facilities.

In emerging economies investors in health infrastructure need reassurance that forecast patient demand (and therefore capacity planning) is based on sound evidence. In-built and untested assumptions in conventional planning models often lead to  over-sized health facilities that are uneconomic and provide a poor return on investment. In a changing context such as this, the failings of established current practice are readily exposed.

Our latest project therefore has importance well between the borders of Sweden. It will not only inform emerging best practice, but provides a valuable case study that leverages established technologies in a new form of analysis.