OCCUPANCY ANALYTICS ™: Optimising Endoscopy

The Conclude Consultancy has recently completed (April 2013) a detailed study of an Endoscopy Unit. The results provide a whole new insight into the factors that impact the variability of the patient experience in the endoscopy service.  The analsyis carried out by Conclude exposes key factors that cause poor performance in patient experience  when measured against the Global Rating Scale (http://www.globalratingscale.com/Default.aspx).  The work identifies the strategies that could be adopted by Endoscopy Units in order to improve this aspect of performance, which would directly impact patient waiting times and improve patient flow through the process.

Deatils of the Case Study can be found here: Endoscopy Unit Case Study

The OCCUPANCY ANALYTICS ™simulation model is a unique approach to service analysis where demand and capacity need to be understood, such that both can be optimised.