Grey Water re-use in hospitals – developing the science

Posted on: August 9th, 2011 by matthew_bacon

Following The Conclude Consultancy’s research into Grey Water re-use (please see: Professor Bacon has now been appointed to develop a business case for the re-use of Grey Water at Brighton and Sussex University Hospital.

Most Infection Prevention Control specialists would strongly argue against the re-use of Grey Water.  However, Bacon and his team contend that as there is no specification in existence that controls the use of Grey Water, such arguments must be challenged. The team are developing a specification for Grey Water re-use and this specification will also consider the microbiology and well as the virological issues.

Bacon holds the view that the potential for reducing water consumption in UK hospitals, through Grey Water re-use, is often readily dismissed because of opinion which is he believes is all too often founded in myth.  He cites for example, Reverse Osmosis waste water, which is effectively potable water.  Yet it is regarded as ‘Grey Water’.  The purpose of the business case is to investigate the science as well as the potential for re-use, whilst ensuring human health. Water treatment manufacturers will be consulted in the process and a Life Cycle Costing Analysis will also be carried out as part of this study.

August 2011 update: A meeting has now been held with the Department of Health to review our strategy. The department is now supporting the project in order to understand what lessons can be learned from it.  A peer review team is also being established.

For more information please contact Professor Bacon through the contact form on this web site.