BMJ: Leaders in Healthcare 2018

Posted on: October 26th, 2018 by matthew_bacon

The British Medical Journal, and the Faculty of Leadership and Management have invited Dr Matthew Bacon, to lead a workshop at this event.  Dr Bacon will be inviting delegates to consider the impact of an ageing population on how clinical services are provided to this cohort.  With the next 10 years well over 30% of the UK population will be over the age of 75 and associated with this will be a corresponding rise in multi-morbidity.  This raises the need to challenge conventional practice built around clinical specialities, and suggests also the need for holistic diagnostics in the treatment of patient health.   Delegates will explore what this could mean for clinical service redesign.

In the workshop, Dr Bacon supported by his colleague Professor Oren Lieberman, will introduce the notion of ‘Situated Health Ecology’. This is a method of considering the context in which patients receive their care.  It helps us to understand how and why patients respond differently to health care services. We already understand the need for the special consideration of vulnerable patient groups in paediatric and adolescent care for example, but there is limited special-case provision in geriatric care.  Yet it is clear from contemporary research that the self-perceived physical and mental wellbeing of this patient cohort is critical to successful health outcomes, reduced demand both for hospital readmission and further follow-up demand on Primary Care services.