Bridge the Divide

What’s it all about?

The Conclude Consultancy spans the divide between those that design and engineer hospitals and those that work in them. We answer the fundamental questions of hospital planning – how big (or small) should this facility be? How might we optimise clinical service delivery through new models of care? What impact would multi-disciplinary team working with Integrated Care Pathways have on the organisation and planning of our facilities?

The Conclude Consultancy offers a unique service where we are able to run whole hospital simulations – a capability that enables the hospital planning team to understand the whole system perspective of clinical service delivery.

A truly Pan-European healthcare consultancy

A glowing recommendation from our client in Southern Hungary.

We work all over Europe and this enables us to both learn from and contribute to infrastructure design in the health system in which we are working. The knowledge is effectively codified in our simulation libraries. Where there are similar operational drivers, we are able to leverage this knowledge in the different operational contexts within which we work.

We also seek out new knowledge and it is here where learn from clinical and operational research and apply this knowledge to new methods developed in our simulation experiments using client data. This is how we deliver much additional value to our clients.